Burn Boundaries was born of travel enthusiasts whose passion and dream is to travel across our beautiful planet - Explore Discover & Experience. If travel is your passion and you want to experience the world and see offbeat locations, but just don't know how, we are there for you.

We walk, we ride, we hitch, we take the bus, we take the train, we fly too, Modes can be any, memories will be many.


Motorcycle tours in India are still in their infancy stage and with not many companies venturing into this atypical adventure its popularity remains limited. We at Burn Boundaries strive to give motorbike tours in India the recognition they deserve.

Meticulous planning and fastidious execution are the core of our bike tours in India and as each year passes by we are reaching nearer to our goal. Every year a team of experts assess the ground situation and do a detailed study of the weather forecast before the trip is executed.

Burn Boundaries conducts motorcycle tours in India and soon plan to penetrate international lands. Our expertise lies in Leh Bike Trip, Ladakh Bike Tours, and Bhutan Bike Tours.

  • Are you planning a holiday in Bhutan?
  • Does your gang of friends want to do a Leh Ladakh Road Trip?
  • Have you been thinking about vacationing in Sikkim?
  • Is Scuba Diving in Andaman’s on your bucket list?

If your answer is a yes to any of these questions, you’re at the right place.

Ditch the regular tour packages and customize your vacations with Burn Boundaries and explore the world like never before.

Travel has traditionally been about visiting exotic locations or vacationing in foreign lands. With the world evolving and most people dazed by wanderlust, there has been a shift in the way people perceive travel. Breaking the shackles of typical travel, we at Burn Boundaries have tours precisely focused on:

Photography Tours in India: Doesn’t matter if you’re an amateur or a professional; travel will like minded people and learn to use your camera to its full potential as you traverse the most scenic destinations in the country.

Festival Tours in India: Enjoy the various festivals of the country and experience the diverse cultures of India first hand on this trip.

Heritage Tours in India: With over 2000 years of history to back us up, coming face to face with heritage is not difficult in India, we just work towards making this experience a pleasant yet knowledgeable one.


Trekking is one of those fads that is fast catching up with travellers and you’re in luck as we have the best ones to offer.

We at Burn Boundaries specialize in high altitude treks such as Stok Karngri trek, Chadar trek, Roopkund trek, Everest base camp trek and Audens Cole trek among others.

We also organize treks in the south-western parts of the country mostly focusing on the Western Ghats.

Adventurers living in Mumbai and Bangalore can also enjoy the weekend treks in and around these cities and treks in Western Ghats.

Weekend Trips

Need a break from the usual weekend routines of partying and eating out? Well, how about leaving the city for a new experience. Burn Boundaries organizes various weekend trips in South India.

Be it a weekend filled with adventure sports like river rafting, rappelling, and trekking among others; a fun and relaxing trip in the Southern Hills or a night of camping under the stars with your friends, we do it all.